Transgender Services

Transgender Services

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The mission of The Transgender Services Department is to provide clients with a safe place to identify, and to operate as a beacon of resources for the needs of our clients. Staffed exclusively by transgender individuals, this department is driven by passion originating from our own life experiences. Rest assured you'll be greeted with open arms here. Wherever you fall on the gender spectrum, we are all humans before anything else.


  • Do you identify as transgender?
  • Are you questioning your gender?
  • Do you need Hormone Replacement Therapy?
  • Looking for for a one-on-one support person during your process?
  • Are you just looking to meet others like yourself?


  • Name and Gender Marker change assistance
  • HIV, AIDS, and PrEP Resources
  • Psychotherapy
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Benefits such as food stamps
  • Detox, Recovery, and Rehabilitation
  • Employment
  • Connection to various external resources available

SunServe's therapists can help you whether you are just beginning to ask personal questions about gender that are new to you or have transitioned years ago and need help dealing with the challenges of day to day life. We also assist spouses and families who are struggling to understand and accept all the challenges that gender transitioning involves. Just call our intake line and our staff will be ready to assist you in finding the right counselor and psychotherapy service for you.

Visit our Counseling page for more details

SunServe's support groups are an important part of the process of transitioning. And they are often the best place where trans-folk can share experiences and support for one another. Groups frequently become resource gold mines for addressing practical questions about passing or the more complex issues about relationship challenges or strategizing about how to deal with difficulties in school, family or the workplace. Support groups are the place where you can be just who you are and everyone there will “get it.” We offer a Gender Bender group for Youth, and a Transgender Support group for adults.

Safe "T" Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Group

Different Drummer Family Group

SOFFA Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies

Transmasculine Support Group

Local Resources

National Resources

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