Overview: Our Time is an expressive art therapy support and social group for LGBTQ+ seniors. This group provides a space for participants to connect, create, and celebrate through weekly in-person sessions.

Group Details:

  • Name: Our Time
  • Purpose: To provide expressive art therapy and social support for LGBTQ+ seniors.
  • Meeting Frequency: Weekly
  • Format: In-person sessions
  • Eligibility: Available to Florida seniors aged 55 and up
  • Commitment: Minimum 4-week commitment

Key Features:

  • Free of Charge: The program is completely free, including art supplies.
  • Community Building: Join our sessions to build community and meaningful connections.
  • Share & Listen: Share your life experiences and listen to others in a nurturing, inclusive, and judgment-free space.
  • Creative Expression: Unleash your creativity and build meaningful connections through art.
  • Supportive Environment: Experience a supportive environment that promotes emotional and social well-being.

Mission Statement: "Connect, Create, & Celebrate!" Our Time is dedicated to fostering a brighter future through creative expression and community support.

PreRegister Online: To join the Our Time group, please pre-register online by clicking HERE.

SunServe Mental Health presents "Our Time" Expressive Art Therapy Support & Social Group promotional flyer. The flyer encourages LGBTQ+ seniors to connect, create, and celebrate through weekly in-person sessions. Key features include free participation and art supplies, community building, sharing life experiences, a nurturing and inclusive space, and creative expression. The group requires a minimum 4-week commitment and is available to Florida seniors aged 55 and up. The flyer includes the SunServe logo, a QR code for sign-up, and the URL The tagline reads, "Together, let's imagine a brighter future!"