Alicia Bosley PHD, RMFTI
Staff Therapist
954.764.5150 x120  

Audra Mets, MS, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern 
Staff Therapist 
954.764.5150 X167

Bryan Wilson
Director of Community Relations
954.764.5150 x106 

Chris Leonard
Housing Case Manager
954.764.5150 x107  

Emily Cohen
Mentoring Coordinator 
954.764.5150 x201

Gary Hensley
Director of Case Management
954.764.5150 x109  

Georgina Goyer
Mental Health Assistant 
954.764.5150 x114  

Geoffrey Vancol
M.H/S.A Case Manager
954.764.5150 x186

Jermaine Nelson-Carter
Office Administrator
954.764.5150 x161  

John Swan, Florida Registered MH Intern
Intake Coordinator
954.764.5150 x110  

Johnny Green
Housing Case Manager
954.764.5150 X187

Katy Yankie, LCSW
Director of Clinical Services
954.764.5150 x105  

Kevin Currie
954.764.5150 x101

Kimone Johnson
Activities Coordinator
954.764.5150 x209  

Lauren Panton
PAC Case Manager
954.764.5150 x113 

Les McRae, LCSW
Staff Therapist 
954.764.5150 x180  

Lisa Peters
Director of Senior Services
954.764.5150 x103  

Lisset Ivey
Housing Case Manager
954.764.5150 x189

Mandi Hawke
Director of Youth Services
954.764.5150 x202  

Mark Ketcham
Executive Director
954.764.5150 x102 

Maria Mejia, LMFT
Youth Therapist
954.764.5150 x157

Marlana Staats, MSW, RCSWI
Staff Therapist
954.764.5150 x188

Nick Alu
Youth Life Coach
954.764.5150 x171  

Richard Forbes
Youth Life Coach
954.764.5150 x206 

Santi Aguirre
Director of Transgender Services
954.764.5150 x112
Sobourney Barnes
Youth Outreach Educator
954.764.5150 x207

Tiffany Arieagus
Case Manager
954.764.5150 x104  

Tori Bertran 
Youth Program Advocate 
954.764.5150 x205  

Yanick Bell
Housing Case Manager
954.764.5150 x115  

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