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when did you realize SunServe helped people?

I knew SunServe helped people when I heard an old client tell a new HOPWA client, "If you want to get back on your feet, these are the people who will help you."     -Tandy Denson

"I know that SunServe saves lives when I saw one of our mental health clinicians intervene to get a suicidal client into the hospital for treatment, and the client was so improved after getting on the right medication that he was absolutely transformed!"     -Katy Yankie, Director of Clinical Services

"The moment a 17 year old Youth told me she was not able to attend her school’s Senior Prom due to being bullied and scared to go, I knew SunServe helped by allowing her to be comfortable to attend our LGBTQA-Inclusive Annual Prom."     -Andii Viveros, Youth Events Coordinator

I knew SunServe helped people when a senior center client said to me "If it was not for the Senior Center we would not have been able to keep mom at home."     -Senior Center Activities Coordinator

...when a nurse from the emergency department at one of our cultural competency trainings said "I never realized how important it is to think carefully about how many ways we just presume everyone is straight. We cannot just say 'everyone is welcome,' we have to really show how that we understand."     -Dr. Jim Lopresti, Agency Founder

One of our participants in the Mind Over Money Course said:  "Before coming to SunServe and this class, I wouldn't have food in my house most of the month and my FPL would get turned off, Now, I have food in my refrigerator and I paid all of my bills this month."     -Mind Over Money Facilitator

I knew SunServe helped people when I saw how much benefit the domestic violence support group offered individuals to become self-reliant and safe through support, therapeutic activities, and community resources.     -Chris Leonard

"I knew that SunServe saved lives when we helped an age 11 lesbian girl get connected to a peer support group and stop talking to strangers online."     -Mandi Hawke

I knew SunServe helped people when I attended the Trans Men's group and one of the individuals who attended said, "This is only my second time attending but this is the first time I feel accepted."     -Aspen Hawke

"I knew that SunServe saved lives when we helped a 21 year old trans male get his GED and connect him to necessary medical help."     -Youth Program Volunteer

"I knew that SunServe saved lives when we helped a single Lesbian female taking care of her elderly mother by providing daycare for her, enabling her to work full time and avoid placing her Mother in a Nursing Home."     -Michael Norfleet

"SunServe helped me figure out who I am, I have friends and adults who care about me now, I no longer feel suicidal."      - Taken from Youth Department Satisfaction Survey

I knew SunServe helped people when I had a client who I referred to mental health and the day the client came in she stated she did not want to talk to a man and Katy Yankie, Mental Health Supervisor stepped in and took the case because she saw the intensive need of the client.     -Housing Case Manager

I received a call from someone who said: "I'm homeless and do not know where to go or what to do. I am not from here but someone someone in the plaza told me to go to SunServe by the old Poverello." After researching resources while the client waited on the phone, we were able to help her. The client said, "Thank you so much. They said you would help me and you did. GOD BLESS YOU."     -Tiffany Arieagus

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    I’ve been SunServe’s Information Technology consultant since approximately 2010. I’ve seen SunServe grow from a few people, with a mostly faulty, unusable technology, to a wonderful group of people that do such fantastic work in the community. As an independent contractor I work with a lot of different companies and people and really enjoy working with Mark, Bryan, Mandi, Katy, Michael and everyone at SunServe. It’s really nice to see people who genuinely like what they do and the people they work with.

    I am very proud to be a part of SunServe’s team/family.

    Jeffrey Kohn GetEasyComputerHelp.com Information Technology Consulting
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