Our Mind Expander Misty Eyez Presents Expanding the Binary

LGBTQI/Transgender Proficiency Training

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Registration is $10 | Coffee & Breakfast Provided | Pre-Registration Required



Expanding The Binary

This 2.5 hour interactive training will provide participants with a more inclusive perspective of the entire LGBTQI community, including a more in depth understanding of transgender individuals. Participants will learn about the gender spectrum, gender identity, as well as the history and life experiences of transgender individuals. They will also learn how to serve the population more effectively by gaining an understanding of the transgender community. This session will provide participants with the skills on how to better relate with LGBTQI coworkers and clients. 

Coffee and breakfast provided


  • Participants will be able to address transgender issues in a more informed manner.
  • Participants will gain a historical perspective of transgender issues from a social, political and economic viewpoint.
  • Participants will be able to identify the unique needs of transgender clients, coworkers, and community members and how to direct them to community resources.


Organizer of SunServe LGBTQI/Transgender Proficiency Training

SunServe Women’s Services Department seeks to improve the well-being of ALL LBT women through dedicated health and wellness services, connection to community resources, social engagement, and networking. We seek to provide a safe and equitable space for women to feel loved, respected, and affirmed in their intersectional identities.