Lesbians, Gay Men and Transgender seniors, adults and adolescents are clients, residents, patients or program participants in virtually every social service agency, medical facility, treatment program or senior care agency in Florida. Many LGBT folks remain invisible, hesitant to reveal their orientation or gender identity for fear of poor treatment, rejection, even hostility. This is especially at issue when these LGBT persons are most vulnerable and in need of quality care. That combination of invisibility and vulnerability  is a proven indicator of health care disparity for the LGBT community

   SunServe partners with service programs in the community to change that harmful dynamic. We work with agencies and facilities to certify their meaningful and effective efforts to provide compassionate, knowledge-based and affirming care to the LGBT community

  We custom design our cultural competency training packages to meet the needs of various non-profit and for profit companies, agencies and corporations. That package can include specialized training for front line and support staff as well as administrative, human resources professionals and supervisory personnel.

  SunServe’s commitment does not stop when the training workshops end. We always make ourselves available to the agencies and organizations we train for ongoing organizational consultation to assist leadership teams in becoming more LGBT competent through policy and procedures alignment to the best practices for LGBT inclusiveness and quality care.


For more detailed information and to schedule an interview about the program, contact

Aspen Hawke, SunServe’s Business Development Specialist

954-764-5150 ext 182



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